You might want to read about the importance of pubic hair in an article posted on our sister site HERE before you shave off your kitty.

Anyway, here is what you will need.

· Coconut Oil

· Body Exfoliant

· Conditioner (or shaving cream)

· clean new razor (preferably men’s razors)




· Get in the shower/bath

· If your hair is too long, cut it. Shaving long hair is impossible.

· Exfoliate the area you want to shave. Be careful, don’t put any product in your vagina, You’ll could catch an infection.

· Once you applied the exfoliant, rinse it off and apply conditioner (or shaving cream) on your hair.


shaving reality vs expectations


· Start shaving. Shave in the direction your hair grows. Not against it or you will have irritations and ingrown hairs. If shaving in the direction your hair grows isn't working, shave it sideways.

· When you’re finished, gently exfoliate the area again.

· Rinse everything off, make sure there are no products left.

· Apply some coconut oil (not IN your vagina or you’ll get an infection)

· Or, you can apply some deodorant (not the spray kind), it helps with razor bump, irritations and ingrown hair. (once again, not IN your vagina).


clean shaven black vagina



· Make sure to shave towards the end of your shower, it will be easier to shave because the hair will be softer

· Don’t go over the same area too many times.

· If possible, get a new razor or change the blades every time you shave.

· Rinse the razor frequently as you shave to get rid of hair, dead skin, dirt etc that’s on your razor blades

· Use unscented and gentle products (exfoliant, conditioner, shaving cream)

· When you apply conditioner, let it sit for a few minutes so that it softens your hair.

· don’t shave this area too often.

And you're done!