We continue with this hot topic. This video below gives you a tiny bit more information about Chikapa.

These are just the basics. Nobody can really teach you how to do it. Here, we can only show you the basic movements and then you have to practice until you're good at it.





In this position, it's best to lean forward and make sure that you feel his dick sliding in and out of you. The whole point of Chikapa is to make your vagina stroke his dick. Think about how a guy throws his waist back and forth when he's on top of you. That's pretty much what you should do. Am I making sense?





I don't want to say much because I have already covered Chikapa in this Girl-On-Top position in the original post. I am starting to feel like I'm just repeating myself. This is just a continuation of the subject. Head over to the original post by CLICKING HERE.

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