Here are a few tips for when he goes down on you. Let's assume you've already got your panties off and everything.

· Get a pillow and place it underneath your butt. It makes things easier for him.

· The number one thing he needs to do is arouse the area around your vagina. This is because you want to get your blood running. He needs to rub, massage, kiss, nibble and lick your inner thighs and should just brush dangerously close to your vagina. 

· He must not directly touch the vagina or clitoris. He should just brush past it. He needs to play around the vagina to such an extent that you end up begging for him to touch.

· Tell him to play with your nipples or your boobs.

· When he does eventually start licking your pussy, do not hesitate to guide or direct him to certain spots. Do not be embarrassed to hold onto his head and grind into his face. If you want him to put his finger inside, just tell him. If you want two or even three fingers, tell him.