Take tips ladies especially if you love riding your man. You'll thank me later

· whilst sitting on his dick.
· spread your legs wide open.
· then spread your pussy to expose your “beans” (clit).
· start playing with your clit.
· make sure kuti he’s watching.
· maintain eye contact..
· then turn to face the other way..
· as you turn, make sure that his dick remains inside you.
· when facing the other way, lean forward (hold his ankles/feet)..
· when you lean forward, your butt sticks out more plus your exhaust will be on full display.


· ride him like that..
· bounce up and down..make your butt jiggle. He needs to see all of that.
· you can also fuck him real slow, doing deep strokes..
· spread your butt so he can see your asshole.
· Shake your butt on his dick Looking at it turns men on..especially if you have one of those big ‘jelly’ asses..

He’ll enjoy the view..

Even after you are gone, that will replay on his mind.