Well, it's that time of the year people. Former Big Brother Africa housemate, Pokello Nare, released a sex tape on her Instagram earlier today.


You do not see much because she's being fingered. Yes, it is her and yes, this was posted on her Instagram and, yes, Chinamwari saw it on Pokello's Instagram. She's denying it but I know what my eyes saw.



Whilst we are at it, here are a couple of TIPS when being fingered. Of course, by now, you should know your pussy and how you like it touched so these are just basic GUIDELINES. 

  • Make sure his fingers are clean
  • Nails must be cut short and filed.
  • Use lubricant because the smoother and slippery it is, the better it feels.
  • He must not head straight for the clitoris.

Fingering is an art. In order to encourage blood flow to your genitals, he must start slowly and very gentle. He must play around your pussy, gently massage it and gradually increase his speed and intensity as he moves towards your more sensitive spots.

 He must work his way in.

That's it, I think.


Since this is about her, we might as well throw in a bonus sex tape featuring Pokello and her then boyfriend. This was released many years ago. In this video, you can hear her say "I'm about to cum" under her breath...AND she cums. She's really working that waist.