What Is Chinamwari?

· Chinamwari is an African practice whereby young women who have reached puberty are taught about adult life by older female members of their family or the community. The training includes all sorts of things from dealing with puberty, how she should handle herself as a woman right down to how to treat a spouse. The practice originates from Zambia and Malawi but it is now widely practiced in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

In older women, Chinamwari is all about how to sexually please a husband.


How did this blog start?


· Chinamwari.com started off as a simple blog on WordPress in June 2014. In November 2018, the owner of the blog decided to turn it into a proper website.


Who owns Chinamwari.com?

· Chinamwari.com is owned by SugarDickDupree.com

· Our content is also heavily linked with the content on SugarDickDupree.com and our articles bounce off and compliment each other.


What is the mission of this blog?

We have three missions.

· To INSPIRE women with homourous, honest, open minded and relatable non judgemental content.

· To EMPOWER women into discussing their sex lives openly without shame, judgement and a holier than thou attitude.

· To GUIDE women with relatable information through our articles.


Who is this blog for?


· It's for the confident open minded woman who is self empowered in her sexuality.


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